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Comedian George Carlin started his career as a boy at Camp Notre Dame on Lake Spofford, in Spofford, New Hampshire  "He was a notable character in the camp.  People knew who he was because he was funny," said Leo Cullum, a counselor at Camp Notre Dame from 1948 to 1959.  George Carlin's daughter, Kelly Carlin-McCall said, "Every year that he was there, he won their drama award.  And one year, it was a little necklace with the comedy and tragedy masks on it.  He wore that a lot.  He started wearing it a lot lately, and he actually died with it on." Kelly and George Carlin's older brother Patrick released some of George Carlin's ashes in Lake Spofford.

The Lake House
Unique love story between Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock with a totally unexpected twist in the middle and at the end - Rated PG

Peyton Place and Return to Peyton Place DVD by New Hampshire author

DVD is based on the book, Peyton Place, by New Hampshire author Grace Metalious about the fictional town of Peyton Place.  Ms. Metalious was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and lived in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, as an adult.

Bucklin Beach Boats

Bucklin Beach on Little Lake Sunapee

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Have a boat to donate to the town for the summer program?  Contact Town Administrator Jessie Levine.

In April, 2009, after five public hearings, the New London Board of Selectmen denied a request by the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club to use Bucklin Beach to store their rowboats after rowing on Little Lake Sunapee from 6:00 A. M. to 8:30 A. M. prior to Bucklin Beach's opening at 9:00 A. M. 

Selectperson Tina Helm saw six problems with Lake Sunapee Rowing Club's request:  Noise, private use of the beach, parking, not enough room on the beach to store rowboats, non-resident use of the beach, and the rowboats introducing invasive weeds into Little Lake Sunapee.

Kitty Wilson said water fowl don't like rowboats, "I learned not to go near them while rowing,"  said Kitty.  Vicki Koran was concerned about the loons on Little Lake Sunapee. 

The matter was decided when a resident resurrected a 1986 Town Meeting Warrant which stated that Little Lake Sunapee was closed to private use.

Not so fast...The needed 50 signatures were collected asking the Board of Selectmen to call a Special Town Meeting to be held June 8, 2009, at 7:00 P. M. in the old middle school building to repeal Article 38 which restricts the use of Bucklin Beach to between 10:00 A. M. and 9:00 P. M. and limits use of Bucklin Beach to town residents and taxpayers and their guests, and prohibits setting fires and establishes a $10 fine for a violation.

At the June 8, 2009, Special Town Meeting, the 88 voters who attended decided to repeal Article 38 and allow Bucklin Beach to be open from 7:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M.  Special Town Meeting also  banned smoking on the beach and increased fines from $10 to $25 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense, and $250 for a third offense.

The Lake Sunapee Rowing Club found temporary space elsewhere.

Debbie Cross of InterTown News Service reports on a New London Board of Selectmen meeting regarding the repair of fencing surrounding Bucklin Beach which was damaged during last winter's snow removal on Route 114, the road next to Bucklin Beach, by New Hampshire state plows.

NEW LONDON –  New London Recreation Director Chad Denning met with the New London selectmen on May 27, 2008, to discuss repairs to the fencing around Bucklin Beach.

“I wish I could say it was just a visual issue, but this crosses the line into a safety issue,” Denning said.  Denning said that the exit for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation plows is right across the street, and there are high winds blowing off the lake making for large snow drifts right next to the playground area of the beach.

The plows push the snow back off Route 114 and hit the fence, he said.  “There is a big hole in the fence right next to the playground equipment:  You can walk onto 114,” he said.  “This is unforeseen, and it’s not in the budget.”

Denning added that he had received a couple of proposals for fixing the fence and one estimate for a long-term fix to replace the whole fence.

The first estimate, which would include taking down just the damaged top rail along the 500 foot fence and installing seven-gauge, black-coated tension wire would cost $3,400, Denning said.  The second estimate, to take down the damaged top rail and replace it with a new top rail, would cost $4,800.  Both estimates would reuse the existing wire fencing.

The third most costly estimate to furnish and install a new fence would cost $18,500; or less if some existing materials could be salvaged.

“Richard [Lee, road  agent] looked at it with me and he came up with the idea of using removable sections we could take down off the posts in the fall,” Denning said. 

Town Administrator Jessie Levine said she had talked to New Hampshire's Department of Transportation about helping with repair costs, but they said no.

“They would like to put in a snow fence in future years to keep the snow from drifting onto Route 114,” she said.  “They told me they had asked the town for a snow fence in previous years and been denied.  I don’t remember any talk about it in the eight years I’ve been here.”

Levine added that the town has spent money twice on the fence since she has worked for New London.

“They are going to have to put in something pretty substantial for a snow barrier there,” Selectman Larry Ballin said.

“They would use one like they use out west, a wooden barrier,” Denning said.  “If the fence came down, what would happen to the snow?  Would it pile up on the road?” Selectman Mark Kaplan asked.

“That’s not our problem,” Ballin said.

Denning said that without a fence, the snow would probably drift across the road into the wetland area.

"That would be better,” he said.

Levine said she had spoken to town counsel about whether they could use any money from the septic account for the fence, but they said it didn’t pass the ‘sniff test.’

“You have $10,000 in the Selectmen’s Discretionary Account and no plans to use it,” Levine said. 

“We usually use it for staff holiday bonuses or retirement parties.  “I’d like to go take a look at it and talk next week,” Ballin said. 

“We may end up getting just one section.”   “I’m definitely okay with a bandaid fix,” Denning said.

"My suggestion is a single section of a dogpen-type fence to fill the hole,” Ballin said.

“There is no meeting scheduled for next week.  We can add one if you need to appropriate any money,” Levine said.

A fence for Bucklin Beach was approved by voters at Town Meeting on March 12, 2009.

Roped off swimming area on Little Lake Sunapee

Roped off swimming area on Little Lake Sunapee

Bucklin Beach on Little Lake Sunapee

Kayaks on Bucklin Beach

Bucklin Beach

Play area on Bucklin Beach on Little Lake Sunapee

Bucklin Beach

Bucklin Beach

Bucklin Beach Kayak

Bucklin Beach Kayak

Bucklin Beach Boats

Bucklin Beach Kayaks

Bucklin Beach Rest Area and Parking Lot

Bucklin Beach Rest Area and Parking Lot
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