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Spring in New London

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Spring tulips in New London

Tulips have broken through the ground in New London - so it must be Spring because we can't tell it's Spring by the chilly weather.

In Springtime the "summer people" begin to return to New London.  "Summer People" are what locals call people who have vacation homes in the Lake Sunapee region.  Summer people summer in New Hampshire and winter in the South, usually Florida or North Carolina. 

Springtime in New London is a time to look forward to summer concerts on the Town Common, the opening of the New London Barn Playhouse for another season,  Farmer's Market,  tag/garage sales, and the four-day New London Hospital Days.

Spring blossoms in New London New Hampshire

Spring blossoms in New London

Utility hut on Main Street in New London

Spring at the utility hut on Main Street in New London

New London Town Offices

Spring on the grounds of the New London Town Offices. 
Main Street is to the right.  The Town Common is across the driveway.

Spring tulips on Newport Road in New London

Spring tulips on Newport Road in New London

Blossing Spring purple lilacs - New Hampshire's state flower

Spring in New London

Purple lilacs

Spring blossoming  purple lilac bush. 
The purple lilac is New Hampshire's state flower.

Spring on Newport Road

Spring on Newport Road

Newport Road in Spring

Spring along Newport Road. 
You might see a deer come out of the woods.

Peeping rhough in Spring at the Post Office

Peeping through the ground at the Post Office in Spring

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